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"Everywhere but the Strip"
Dualsport Motorcycling in Las Vegas

      We see you out there... this town is loaded with KLR's, XR650L's, DR's, F650's, and a load of dirt machines converted to be street legal. Your urban assault vehicle has likely seen some offroad exploration as well, as every direction outside of town is rideable year round. Vegas is a great place for motorcyclists in general.

    "We" are a loose coalition of dualsport riders in the Las Vegas area. Each of us are from points beyond, so our explorations have been based entirely on word of mouth, BLM and USGS maps, and a few web sites. Our site is intended to be a repository for ride reports, gear reviews, and general information for the Vegas dualsport rider. With that in mind, we welcome any input toward this site-- ride reports especially.

    To date, we have visited (repeatedly) 4 mountaintop antennas, Sloan Valley, Goodsprings, Sandy Valley, Vegas Dunes Rec Area, Logandale Trails, AMA races in Utah, and three ghost towns. The goal is to add a new report or two monthly; we have the locations and pictures, but the writeup and HTML-ization takes a bit of time for people with kids, jobs, and various other accoutrements.

    So take a look at what we have so far, and then write in with your own locations or (better still) a full-on ride report with pics.

KLR 650
METAR Weather Data for Las Vegas
(includes windchill @ 70mph for freeway segments)
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