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Gel Grips: Installed and Reviewed PART 2

After the new grips dried overnight we headed out to see what skeletal benefits we might detect. Mike has always complained of numb wrists after long rides, and I notice my hands get weak after hours on the freeway. The short version: while not a cure-all, for the ~$10 investment these grips make a lot of difference.

The only data I have is subjective, but with about 4000 miles on my current thumper with the stock grips I can say that the new gel grips make long trips a lot easier. Mike commented that he didn't start feeling the numbness that he usually encounters after an hour or so, though we only had an hour+ to ride. Subsequent trips have proven that the gel grips substantially reduce the level of vibration that reaches the hands.

Regarding the styles of gel grips available, I've covered the ones that fit on the KLR650 and the XR400R. If you're riding a street bike, go with the Progrip Dual Density Road Grips 724 . For Dualsport bikes, you can measure your existing grip length:
~120mm Progrip RVGS Gel Grip 796
~128mm Progrip Dual Density Road Grips 724

If you're riding serious offroad and you want to mount Acerbis style handguards, these grips come open ended so you don't have to mutilate them to get the handguards on:
Progrip RVGS Street Gel Grips 719

There's a bunch of others available at RideGear , but you're on your own as far as choosing suitable sizes.

On a side note, I bought 5 different grips from 3 different vendors, and is the fastest to ship. The local places here in Vegas charge over twice as much for the same Progrip items, and if you spend over $149 at RideGear they cover your shipping costs. If someone finds a better vendor with comparable shipping charges, please let us know:

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Monday, October 25, 2004 10:47 PM
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